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Community Services Advisory Committee (CSAC)

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Community Services Advisory Committee

To provide an objective view in the public interest and to give impartial and informed higher level advice to municipal staff and Council on matters related to the provision and delivery of indoor and outdoor recreation and leisure opportunities, and development of environmental programs designed to raise community awareness    and achieve greater sustainability of the community.

The Community Services Advisory Committee (CSAC) is an advisory body authorized only to make recommendations to municipal staff and Council. It does not have the authority to approve or refuse projects and/or initiatives. 

The guiding framework for the CSAC will be defined by the goals, objectives and policies of senior municipal documents such as but not limited to the Town of Osoyoos Official Community Plan, the Community Services Master Plan, the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan as well as deliverables identified in the Business Plan. 

The intent of the CSAC is to provide higher level feedback and direction to staff on recreation and leisure opportunities, and development of environmental programs designed to raise community awareness and achieve greater sustainability of the community as guided by 2.2 above.

The CSAC will be involved with the Healthy Living Coalition and will be responsible to discuss and bring forward ideas and mandates related to the five pillars being physical activity, healthy eating, smoking cessation, healthy built environments, and priority populations.

The CSAC will be responsible for the Age Friendly program through the province of BC.  This will include following the steps outlined by the province to become eligible for age friendly grant opportunities. These steps include: conducting an age friendly assessment, developing an action plan, and monitoring the plan.

CSAC recommendations to Council and staff are to strive towards or further embed in our culture the following core values: 

  1. Residents and visitors of all ages and abilities are able to enjoy activities year-round that encourage healthy living, learning and a sense of community;
  2. The Osoyoos lifestyle includes recreation and leisure, and all community members are able and encouraged to participate;
  3. Visitors are aware of and have access to a variety of recreation and leisure offerings at a range of price points;
  4. The resort community is globally recognized as a leader in innovative recreation products and services;
  5. Recreational experiences reflect an appropriate balance between adventure, challenge and safety, and exist within the comfortable carrying capacity of the amenity;
  6. Quality recreation and leisure activities are delivered with exceptional service; 
  7. A collaborative and comprehensive approach to developing amenities and offerings, and to resolving user conflicts is used by local and regional stakeholders;
  8. Recreation and leisure infrastructure and practices minimize the degradation of natural areas and are transitioning toward sustainable use of energy and materials; 
  9. Recreation and leisure is a core contributor to the Osoyoos economy;
  10. The Sun Bowl Arena, the Sonora Community Center, Desert Park; and "community parks, trails and parks properties now or hereafter acquired by the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen and the Town of Osoyoos are very important to the sustainability in the community and will be given due priority when needed. 

CSAC recommendations are to be supported by relevant documents such as but not limited to feasibility studies, business concepts or plans, surveys, and/or user metrics that demonstrate a good return on investment and/or a high degree of “public good” for the resort community. Ideally, all CSAC recommendations should be strategic in nature and have the support of Town staff. 


Gerald Davis (Town) - Chair
Jim King (Town Councilor)
Mark Pendergraft (RDOS Area A Director)
Casey Brouwer (SD 53 School Board)
Michelle Quail
Carol Nesdoly
Brian Lobb
Fred Hamilton
Howard Rensler
Mike Stiles


Community Services Advisory Committee
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Mission Statement
To provide quality community services and facilities, which meet the needs of the current
and future residents of Osoyoos, in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner.

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